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Open fires and wood-burning stoves are great.....

As a youngster growing up in a house without gas or electric central heating, our open fire was the focal point for the family on many a dark, cold winter night. There’s something magical and enchanting about watching and listening to an open fire. Apart from a 2 year period when I lived in an apartment, I have never been without an open fire or wood burning stove in a dwelling I have owned or rented.

..... but my dwelling doesn’t have a flue or a chimney!

However, what do you do if your house or apartment doesn’t have a chimney, or if it’s unfeasible to install a flue outlet? What if the cost of installing a wood burning stove or an open fire is prohibitive? The cost of installing traditional wood burning stoves and fires is often high when attempting to satisfy building regulations and the manufacturer’s installation requirements. A solution to this problem is to buy a flueless electric fire or electric stove.

Buying a flueless electric fire or stove

There are now a number of quality stylish wall-mounted and free standing electric fires, available from a wide range of retailers. These electric fires are perfect for use in apartments, flats or any dwelling where a flame-effect fire is desired. Flame effect fires not only give a cosy ambience to any room, but they also have the same heat output as the more common oil-filled radiators and convection heaters. Please go to our product pages for more information on electric stoves and flame effect electric fires.

Are they expensive to buy?

No, online-only retailers offer great low prices on flueless electric stoves, often posting prices that are significantly cheaper than those of high street retailers. Our product listings contain links allowing you to buy fires and heaters from some of the biggest and best online retailers in the UK. Simply click an image or a link to order from an internet retailer.

The Dimplex Cheriton Free Standing Electric Fire is a lovely traditional looking free standing fire with a black finish and a brass surround (more)



This Portable Electric Stove  produces up to 2000W of heat. This classically designed stove is energy efficient providing cheap heating.....(more)


Dimplex SP16 Focal Point Fires has a beautiful low glow effect with added authentic Optiflame effects, and can be inset into a wall cavity...............(more)



The Dimplex Castillo Electric Fire is a 2kW electric fire with a contemporary appearance in a choice of white...........(more)



The Dimplex Club Electric Stove  has a 2kW heat output with a flame-effect only setting and a log effect fuel bed for..............(more)






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Dimplex Cheriton Electric Fire








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The Dimplex Castillo is a free standing electric fire with a modern look and is designed to be used against a wall. It has a flame effect only setting for year..(more)




This is an extremely stylish wall mounted electric fire acting as an attractive centerpiece to any room. With a thin profile and a curved glass screen, this electric fire can be wall- mounted unobtrusively using the supplied hanging bracket. The fire has a 2kW output heating a room very effectively. The fire effect screen can be used independently of the heater element, adding a warm ambience to any room. This plasma-style fire is supplied with a remote control unit........(more)




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